Vanilla Crème Brulée

It’s better to watch Masterchef with other people. Particularly if those people bring withe them pots of crème brulée and a tiny butane torch.

Ad break! Crafty Kay sets the three ramekins out on the bench. She sprinkles raw sugar evenly across the tops of each creamy-yellow custard. Then… blue fire!

Wow, it happens so quickly! The second the flame touches the dessert the sugar dissolves into bronze liquid. On one the sugar is piled too high and suddenly blisters black.

“I’ll eat that one,” Crafty Kay says, handing me a perfectly crisped brulée.

This is my first time trying crème brulée so I’m not going to argue.

Back in front of the television. I tap delicately on the caramelised top. It’s very thin, and crinkles apart. Tasting the shards.

Um… I don’t know… tastes like burnt sugar. Which makes sense, considering its origin, but is that how it’s supposed to taste?

Beneath shell the butter-coloured custard is smooth and well-set. My spoon goes in easily, softer than jelly but firmer than pannacotta.

Oh! Oh! Delicious! It’s creamy and gentle and tastes so much like beautiful vanilla ice-cream. No egg-ness at all.

Huh, Jimmy is cooking chai crème brulée on TV! I’m sure that would be good too… but the brulée in the hand is worth three on the screen.

Eating it slowly… slowly… it’s so good I’m scared of finishing it.

…but it’s gone.

I want more!

The Masterchef judges drink Jimmy’s runny brulée up as I mournfully hunt the corners of the ramekins for any lost custard.

Forget the caramel on top, just give me the custard!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Specifics: Vanilla crème brulée cooked by my lovely talented friend

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  1. Posted 23 July 2010 at 10:21pm | Permalink

    You’ve never had a creme brulee?? Rachel! Hope you’re coming to the conference dinner.

  2. Posted 1 August 2010 at 2:48pm | Permalink

    Far out I love creme brulee!! I have to get myself one of those little hand held butane torches, but im worried i’ll burn the house down :(